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Mme Anne Parker Bleichert

Mme Anne Parker Bleichert

Anne Parker Bleichert passed away peacefully in January of 2023 surrounded by her immediate family. By God’s grace we were all blessed to hold hands one final time before she left this world. She leaves behind her loving husband, Ernst, and her two children Peter and Jennifer. May she meet up with her first daughter, Wendy Anne, who left us in 1962.


Anne was born in August of 1937 in Paget, Bermuda, an island famous for its pink coral beaches. When Anne was eight her family relocated to Montreal, Canada and she traded in her bathing suit for a parka. During the 1950s when Anne was a teenager she would meet up with her friends at Decarie Drugs, a backdrop that could easily been used as a set for the film American Graffiti. It was here that Anne, my mom, would meet the love of her life, Ernst, to whom she was married to for 63 years. As she shared her photos and love letters there is no doubt that they were meant for each other.


Anne suffered from adolescent onset epilepsy and was unable to finish high school. One of her greatest accomplishments was graduating from John Abbott College in the early 1980s. It was phenomenal to watch her confidence build and her personality strengthen as she worked to complete all the requirements to graduate with honors. GO MOM!


Anne loved many things, but one of her true joys was to visit her three grandchildren, Kyra, Leffert and Maxwell in San Francisco, California. Twice a year my parents would visit for a month and I can’t remember a Christmas in California without them until Covid struck.


My mom had friends and neighbors who loved her and spent time with her throughout the years. Friends she had known since childhood and younger people, usually children of her friends and family, who also formed special relationships with her in her later years.


Anne’s wish was to have her ashes strewn into the Pacific Ocean followed by a celebration with music, crab cakes and margaritas. This party will have to wait as she wanted to go with the love of her life, her husband. So until then Mom, rest well and know you are dearly missed.


Forever and always, Ernst, Peter, and Jenny






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