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Mme Irina Karmalita

Mme Irina Karmalita

1952 – 2024


Irina Karmalita, 71, beloved wife, mother and grandmother departed on her final journey to her new home. She is survived by her loving husband Slava, devoted son Yuri and granddaughter Alice.

Irina was born in Moscow, Russia to her mother Larisa. Her young life was humble and not without hardship, yet she could always count on her mother and two aunts to help her no matter what. Irina met Slava while still in university and instantly fell in love. They have been married for 51 years ever since.

Irina moved to Prague, Czechia in 1993 where she lived with her husband and son for 3 years before coming to Canada. Always an avid traveler, Irina visited countless countries with her family. Her journeys traversed the European continent from Porto to St. Petersburg and London to Vienna, with Paris and Amsterdam being her favorite destinations. Together, Irina and Slava traveled across the world to places as far away as Australia, Chile and Argentina, oftentimes taking Yuri along for the trip.

One of Irina’s biggest passions was cooking for her family and friends. She always managed to come up with delicious yet healthy meals for anyone who visited her house. Her recipe for roast duck was particularly renowned in the extended family.

Irina’s granddaughter Alice brought her much joy and happiness, even into Irina’s last days. Unquestionably, Alice will always remember being spoiled with gifts, chocolates and ice cream whenever her grandmother would see her. Even from a young age, Alice was introduced to various world gastronomies and developed a refined taste for many foods. Irina’s love of gardening will also live in her granddaughter who now appreciates the beauty of plants and all living things. Just as her grandmother did, Alice will always remember to take her time to stop and smell the flowers, literally and metaphorically.

Above all else, Irina’s kindness and love will always live in the hearts of all those who knew her. Hers was a life well lived, a celebration of accomplishment, happiness and self-realization. Indeed, if Irina could tell us one thing from the new place that she now calls home, undoubtedly, she would say: be kind to others, love what you love and be a person of many interests. May she find eternal rest and let her memory serve as an inspiration to all those who knew her.


Resting at J.J. Cardinal Funeral Home, 560 Bord-du-Lac Lakeshore Drive, Dorval H9S 2B3, 514-633-9274. Visitation is on Saturday, February 10, 2024, from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm.







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