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Mme Domenica Rossi De Rubeis

Mme Domenica Rossi De Rubeis



Sadly, the last chapter in one book of our lives is now closed.  The final chapter speaks of Domenica, the last in a brave group of people, that sacrificed to make us who we are today.  It is with sadness that we announce that on Sunday Jan 31 2021, Domenica DeRubeis (nee Rossi), passed peacefully from this world to her new splendid life with Our Lord and her family and friends that preceded her and patiently waited to receive her in love.

She leaves behind a large immediate family.  Her children, Mario (Denise), Tony (Emilia), Teresa (Domenico)  and Raffaele (Helene), grandchildren, great grandchildren, nieces and a very large extended family.

Mom taught her children well.  She taught us temperance, patience, compassion, generosity and determination.  She knew poverty and sacrifice but she understood the need to share with others and to care for those more needy.  From her meager beginnings in Tottea, Italy, when there was nothing to give, she and her family found a way to share.  This grand lesson she learned from her parents and passed it on to us.

Her early life was certainly difficult.  But she left her beloved Italy to build a better life for her children.  What she found was more hard work, but she also found a land of possibilities.  Whatever business sense we have, its thanks to mom.  Dad gave us his sensitivity; mom gave us possibility thinking.  She was an amazing businesswoman for someone with less than grade 3 schooling.

As an aunt, grandmother and great grandmother she was the best, loving our children (and our pets) came so naturally to her.  She was the built-in babysitter that we all could rely on and all our children have great memories of their time with her.

And now she is our advocate in heaven; she will be sorely missed but forever celebrated.  And she will go on in all of us.


God Bless You Mom. We will see you again in the by and by.




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    My condolences to the family.

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