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Funeral Pre Planning

A simple and straight-forward plan.

Spare your family the burden of making difficult decisions for you at a sensitive time. By planning your own funeral arrangements, you can organize everything yourself down to the very last detail while ensuring your wishes are respected, while staying on budget.


The money you place with Assurant Life of Canada is protected and you have the freedom to cancel your funeral arrangements at any time.


The benefits of funeral planning

Flexibility and security

  • Refund in case of cancellation
  • Price freeze protected from inflation
  • Certificate
  • Possibility of staggerred payments
  • Travel Protection Plan (Repatriation with no charge if death occurs anywhere in the world)

* Certain conditions may apply

Your advisor will guide you

Your funeral planning consultant will zero-in on the products and services that best suit the type of funeral you would like.

Contact one of our funeral planning consultants to find out more.

Exclusive benefits for you and your loved ones

You can relieve your family of the administrative and financial burdens of death-related expenses by making a plan with us.

By doing this yourself, you will have peace of mind. Assurant Life of Canada will protect your financial agreement and we will help you organize the event in keeping with your personal wishes.

With us by your side,  you will be able to have your wishes respected in accordance to your beliefs and values while staying on budget.

Complementary Services

Worldwide Travel Assistance


Assurant Life of Canada offers you World Travel Assistance, a service that covers your travel around the world.

If death occurs more than 100 kilometers away from your legal residence in Canada, your family or executor only needs to make one toll-free phone call in order to initiate the process of a safe and dignified return.


Free Emergency Contact Service

This program enrolls buyers in an emergency contact service that will contact a family member in case of emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Final Documents Services


The Final Documents Service (FDS) is the pioneer of Executor Documentation after a death.

The family receives a personalized set of documents with step-by-step instructions to guide them through the process.  This is a simple process to help you navigate what can be a confusing time.

*This is a complementary service to the responsibilities of your attorney or notary.


4 simple steps

  • An FDS Associate will contact you for data collection, which should take about 30 minutes.
  • We will review items that are relevant to your situation (from a total of 220).
  • We have the documentation and will make sure it is ready.
  • In the final stage, we will mail them for you.

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