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Mrs Michèle Marie Cécile Ricard-Riley

Mrs Michèle Marie Cécile Ricard-Riley



It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Michèle Marie Cécile Ricard-Riley, a remarkable woman whose warmth, kindness, and adventurous spirit touched the lives of so many. Born on January 2, 1947, in Verdun, Quebec, Canada, Michèle left this world unexpectedly on May 20, 2024.

Family and Relationships

Beloved Wife: Michèle was the devoted wife of Howard William Thomas Riley, sharing a love that spanned almost six decades. Their bond was unbreakable, and their journey together was filled with adventure, laughter, shared dreams, and unwavering support.

Mother, Grandmother, and Mother-in-law: Michèle’s nurturing heart extended to her son, Martin William Riley, who was not only her pride and joy but also her confidant and partner in countless adventures. Michèle’s grandsons, Morgan and Brendan, were the light of her life, and she played a significant role in their lives. She reveled in their laughter, celebrated their achievements, and created lasting memories with them. Michèle also welcomed her daughter-in-law, Kryssta, whom she cared for dearly and helped make an integral part of the Riley clan.

Sibling and Godmother: Michèle was one of six loving siblings, and their bond was unbreakable. While Michèle joins her older brother Pierre, she leaves behind Lise, Mireille, Francois, and Jean. Pierre and Michele were godparents to their youngest brother Jean. Michele was also thrilled to be godmother to Jean’s daughter Miriam.

Life and Passions

The Heart That Connects Us All: Michèle possessed a remarkable talent for bringing people together, fostering meaningful connections that transcended boundaries. With a gift for networking and a passion for community-building, she effortlessly bridged gaps between individuals from diverse backgrounds, locations, and walks of life. Whether through her work, social gatherings, or extensive travels, Michèle was the catalyst who turned strangers into friends and acquaintances into family. Her radiant smile, empathetic listening, and genuine interest in others’ stories made everyone feel seen, heard, and cherished.

World Traveler: Michèle’s curiosity knew no bounds. Along with her husband, she explored far-flung corners of the globe, immersing herself in diverse cultures, savoring local cuisines, and collecting stories along the way. Her passport was a testament to a life well-lived.

Celebrating a Life Well-Lived

We invite you to join us in celebrating Michèle’s remarkable journey on Saturday June 29yh at 1 p.m. at Résidence funéraire J.J. Cardinal, 560 Lakeshore Drive, 514-631-1511  . In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Michèle’s legacy lives on in the hearts of those she touched. May her spirit continue to inspire kindness, curiosity, and love in all of us.

“La vie est une fleur dont l’amour est le miel.” – Victor Hugo 🌹








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  • Brenda Kaine Posted

    Dear Bill, Martin, Michele’s grandchildren and all the Ricards, I send my heartfelt condolences to you. I love the photo you chose for this terrible announcement. Thank you for that . She was a beautiful person inside and out. I idolized her when I was a child at Lac Souris.. Her beauty did not fade , and now never will. I was envious of my summer best friend Mimi that she had such a sister as Michele . All the Ricards, have a special place in my heart. and I am thinking of Lise, Francois,,Mimi and Jean. I was honoured to meet Bill a couple of years ago during which visit Michele told me about her family with such love .You all did her her proud,
    I hope to see you all soon.

  • Valerie Barnes Connell Posted

    Bill and Family; I am so sorry to hear of Michelle’s passing. She was such a vibrant woman. I enjoyed knowing her and you in the years in La Ronge. I just drove by your house a week or so ago and thinking of you both. Of course, the Canada World Youth exchange was a big part of our getting to know one another. I remember Michele as a wise, vivacious woman. My deepest condolences to you and your family. Valerie

  • Marie-Claude Bernard Posted

    Cher Bill, cher Martin et toute la famille,

    J’ai été bien triste d’apprendre la mort de Michèle. Comme vous le dites si bien, c’était quelqu’un qui était capable de connecter avec toutes les personnes autour d’elle. Je la considérais comme une de mes tantes, et elle m’a accepté comme si j’étais dans la famille. Elle était chaleureuse, elle voulait sincèrement prendre des nouvelles de toutes les personnes avec qui elle s’entretenait et c’était une amoureuse de la vie ❤️. J’ai bien sûr, une pensée toute spéciale pour son mari Bill. Je ne m’imagine même pas le vide que cela peut créer dans ta vie. Vous vous aimiez encore beaucoup, ça paraissait dans vos petites attentions , vos regards complices et vos sourires.

    J’aurais aimé être parmi vous le 29 juin. Malheureusement je serai à l’extérieur du pays en vacances. Je garde que de très bons souvenirs de Michèle. Repose en paix et veille sur ta famille.

    Merci d’avoir été toi xxx

  • Arlette Rebiere Posted

    I will miss you very much Michele.

  • HEMAL PATEL Posted

    Dear Bill and family, I am sorry for your loss. Michele is and always be in our hearts. Even writing this makes my heart full of memories of the time that we spent talking and laughing. I could go on and on and it would still not be enough of how much we love Michele and Bill.
    Michele we miss you very much.

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