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Mr. Leonard Douglas Barrie

Mr. Leonard Douglas Barrie



Leonard Barrie, 76, passed away in the morning of February 7. He was surrounded by those who loved him dearly.

Leonard was fond of cooking, reading, crosswords, photography, and birdwatching. He enjoyed a lengthy retirement.

He is predeceased by his parents, James Leonard Barrie and Georgette Joannette, as well as his older brother, George Barrie. He is survived by two brothers, and his sisters, Jeanne and Linda Barrie, as well as his daughter, Christine Barrie (Robert Anderson). He was a beloved, generous father to Christine and the two shared a very close relationship.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the Mount Sinai Pulmonary Rehabilitation program or to the Ecomuseum Zoo would be greatly appreciated.





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  • Judy Posted

    Dear Christine,

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I know you were so important to each other and shared many special times. I wish you peace and comfort in knowing you did everything possible you could for him.

  • Helen Fleischauer Posted

    Dear Christine,
    My sincerest sympathies on the loss of your father. I know how much he meant to you. Know that I am thinking of you and hoping that your good memories bring you comfort during this very difficult time.

  • Victoria Hernandez Posted

    Our deepest condolences for such a terrible loss. Len was a wonderful, loving father to his beloved daughter Christine. He will be greatly missed and his death leaves a huge void in the lives of those who knew and loved him best. May his soul Rest In Peace and may he watch over Christine, Rob, and his grandkitties forever more.

  • Mathieu Boisvert Posted

    Leonard was always a very loving father who cared deeply for his daughter. The family he leaves behind will sorely miss him. His memory will live on in them and their stories, and he will be cherished forever in that way. May he Rest In Peace, knowing he will never be forgotten.

  • Tara Posted

    Dear Christine,

    I am so sorry. I am sure your heart is hurting. I know how close you two were. I wish I could help ease the pain.

    I have been thinking of the times I would go to your dad’s when we were kids. I distinctly remember the first time I went over and he told me that someone had stole all the furniture, which I had believed! But what I remember most of all is how much he loved you, and how much you loved him. He was so lucky to have a daughter like you by his side.

    I’m sending so much love.

  • Carol Posted

    At this moment the entire Universe is embracing you and surrounding you so with so much love because you have given so much to your wonderful Dad.when he needed it. Now he is so proud of you and saying “ I’m your angel now who would always be watching over you dearest daughter

  • Claude Barrie Posted

    It is a difficult time for all of us. It is a great loss for you Christine, knowing how you and your Dad spent many memorable moments together.
    For me the loss of Leonard came as a complete shock. I thought my brother was strong enough to overcome his illness. God knows he tried hard.
    It’s a difficult time for my family and I. I just want you to know that we will always be here for you.
    Love Claude

  • Jeanne Posted

    Dear Christine,
    I know that this is a very difficult time in your life. Things will get righter, however you will never forget your Dad and he will always be with you.
    I will always cherish your visits with your Dad when you would drop by on weekends. It wasn’t hard to tell you were his #1 in his life.
    Remember your Dad’s guiding hand will always be on your shoulder Christine, and the special bond you shared will never be forgotten. I will also miss him very much.
    Love Jeanne

  • Linda Barrie Posted

    Dear Christine,
    A father’s wisdom is a voice that lives in our hearts forever. Even though your Dad is gone, take comfort in knowing that your Dad’s love is a never ending gift that he gave you, and know he is still looking down at you. Christine your Dad was so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and for the kind and caring woman you have become. Your special bond with your Dad will never be lost. Christine I thank you with all of my heart for taking care of your Dad, my brother, in the way that you did. I know that he appreciated very much the care that you and Rob gave him and so do I.
    Remember, your Dad’s memory may bring tears in our eyes today, however, i hope that we will be able to honor these memories with a smile some day.
    Love always,

  • The DeMichele Fam Posted

    Dear Barrie Family

    Thinking of you in your time of loss. May loving memories bring you peace, comfort and strength.

    Our deepest sympathies
    Lucy and Nick and family

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