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GRAVESIDE SERVICE – Cortege to ceremony followed by final disposition or simply cortege to final disposition.

The Ceremony elsewhere.

The ORCHID package offers a funeral ritual in presence of the casket followed by a crypt setting, burial or shipping of the casket. The ORCHID package does not include the fees for the purchase, maintenance and opening of a plot, crypt or vault, nor does it include cargo, embassy charges, and other fees related to shipping a casket.

The ORCHID package offers graveside only, to which you are welcome to add other service fees to tailor your needs. The prices for any additional services are available.

Individually planned services are always available. We respect every choice, whether it be a matter of location, tradition, last will and testament, or a note written in the will.

The ORCHID package includes:

  • Professional services, Funeral director and staff
  • Transfer of the deceased
  • Documentation
  • Preparation and casketing
  • Choice of casket from the ORCHID package
  • Funeral cortege with: Pallbearers, Clergy car, Funeral coach and service vehicle for transport of flowers
  • Limousine service (3 h) that can be replaced by 100 commemorative bookmarks upon request
  • Graveside service or crypt placement ceremony.


This package option was created for either the burial or entombment of a casket. Additional fees will be charged for cash advance items not included, burial at a later date, cortege waiting fee if the ritual exceeds 3 hours and for shipping.

NOTE: A complete price list of all products and services is available at the funeral home.

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